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The Life and Art of C. S. Price

Table of Contents


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Preface - by Charles Heaney


Chapter 1 - C. S. Price, My Artist Uncle - by Frances Price Cook


Chapter 2 - Uncle Clate's Foundations Years - by Gilbert Smith


Chapter 3 - Clayton Sumner Price: Random Recollections In Canada - by David John Price


Chapter 4 - The San Francisco and Monterey Years (1915–28) - by Frances Price Cook and Patrick Leach


Chapter 5 - My Memories and Stories of Uncle Clate - by Anita Glenn Campbell


Chapter 6 - Timeline of C. S. Price's Life and Art


Chapter 7 - Regionalism to Abstraction: A spiritual evolution - by Alina Maunu Egland


Chapter 8 - An Art Student's Observations - by Bob Galaher


Chapter 9 - C. S. Price, His Benefactors - by Patrick Leach and Carolyn Manning


Chapter 10 - Sketches and Drawings


Chapter 11 - Paintings


Chapter 12 - C. S. Price, His Paintings - by Janet Louvau Holt


Chapter 13 - Art of the Pacific Northwest - Excerpt from Portland and Its Environs by Rachel Griffin


Chapter 14 - Mountain and House: Icons of Modernism in the Art of C. S. Price - by Roger Hull


Chapter 15 - Some thoughts on Clayton Sumner Price - by Paul Missal


Chapter 16 - Personal Letters and Interviews


Chapter 17 - C. S. Price in the News


Chapter 18 - Art Museum & Gallery Shows, Curator Comments About C. S. Price Art


Chapter 19 - C. S. Price, As I Remember Him - by Eugene Edmund Snyder




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The Pioneering Price Family - (Companion Book) - by Maurice A. Price: As Told To His Niece, Frances Price Cook


C. S. Price - His Life and Art – Brief Video