The Life and Art of C. S. Price

In Search of the One Big Thing

by Frances Price Cook and Patrick J. Leach

We are pleased to announce that the long overdue biography of Northwest artist C. S. Price (1874-1950) is now completed and available as a book as well as an Amazon Kindle E-Book. You can purchase your own copy, as well as it's companion booklet The Pioneering Price Family, from book stores and online at

This book tells the life story and shows the art produced by a truly dedicated artist. It gives a comprehensive look at Price from different perspectives in the directly quoted words of family members, museum curators who knew and worked with him, newspaper reporters, friends, other artists, authors, art critics and admirers of his art.

There are numerous examples of his art, produced over a lifetime and ranging from realistic to increasingly abstract. To our knowledge this work represents the first book, other than much shorter museum catalogues, about Price’s life. It is his story as seen through his paintings and the eyes of his contemporaries.

Book Qualities

  • Over 240 pages with numerous stories and tales about Clate Price along with archival photos, drawings, etc.
  • 85 full page color photos of paintings as well as many smaller paintings
  • More than 90 sketches and drawings (many never seen outside a small cadre of museum staff and the Price family circle)

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy The Life and Art of C. S. Price.


The Pioneering Price Family

by Maurice A. Price

This 20 page booklet is the companion to The Life and Art of C. S. Price. Within its pages is the remarkable story of the life and times of this pioneering family as seen through the eyes of C. S. Price’s younger brother, Maurice.

The family history and their adventures come to life through his memories. Included is the tale of their long trek from the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming to their new home on the plains by the Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada.

Rarely seen archival photos as well as a map of their route from Wyoming to Canada are included.

It is, also, available as a book and Amazon Kindle E-Book.

The following link takes you to a list of chapters for both books. Any chapter title shown in blue will guide you to excerpts and samples of his art.